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A fancomm devoted to the BBC TV Drama, Einstein and Eddington.
This is a comm strictly devoted to the discussion, analysis and fanworks of the BBC TV Drama 'Einstein and Eddington'. Here you will find fanfiction, fanart, icons, photomanips, fandom issues and discussion and plot analysis. And general squee, of course.

I cannot stress enough how this comm is purely fanbased, and not ran by the BBC. Everything here does not belong to the members by right. The drama is copyright the BBC and, not anyone here - we are just crazy people who love it. A lot.


Sticking to these rules will mean that happy time will be had by all!

> Use tags; it helps out newcomers in the comm and also promotes your content to those who're looking for it in particular.
> RPF should not be posted here unless it has some connection to the drama.
> Get along with your fellow comm-mate; no flaming, swearing or insults are to be had here. Maturity is the magic word.
> Show credit where it is due, even to your betas.
> All fiction pairings are welcome; do not bash anyone else's preferred pairing.
> Don't go out of your way to start flame wars or flame in general; it doesn't help anyone, least of all yourself.


Use an LJ-cut for the following;

> Images; including photo-manips, screencaps, promos and magazine scans. Icon 'previews' are exempt.
> Spoilers; keep in mind the drama has just aired, and label any 'spoiler' content with a warning.
> Fanfiction content; this keeps the comm clean.

PLEASE NOTE: Remember to give indication what is behind your LJ-cut - don't just post a (Read More...) and no other information.


Please include the following information as a header for your fiction;

Title: (Mandatory)
Characters: (Mandatory)
Rating: (Mandatory)
Word Count/Length: (Optional, but useful)
Summary: (Optional, but again, useful)
Warnings: (Mandatory IF you have an R rating fic.)
Note: (Optional or Mandatory, depending on the story. Include credit to beta's, 'enablers', anything you want - as long as it's relatively short.)


These are the guidelines between fiction ratings in this comm. Please take them very seriously and understand the boundaries when submitting your fiction;

This rating describes simple fiction with content fit for children. This means NO violence, sexual deviance, or swearing. Kissing is acceptable, but again, nothing too explicit.

This rating is suitable for young teens, depending on maturity. This would happily feature kissing and groping in more detail than G, but limited violence and swearing are still a restriction.

This rating allows violence and swearing and is definitely suited for (as the rating alludes) teenagers over the age of 13. Vague, consensual sex is acceptable, but the handcuffs will have to stay in the bottom drawer for now.

This rating is where descriptive smut comes in; PWP is more than welcome, as well as mild bondage/kink or torture (handcuffs are great, but bloodplay less so). Explicit violence and swearing is fine, as well as allusions to rape. Suitable for those of 17 years and over.

This rating is where the warnings come in. Descriptive rape fic, hardcore bondage/kink and torture is approved as long as it comes with a warning. Explicit language, dark and twisted plotline and generally upsetting scenarios are the norm. As a reader, take this rating very seriously; suitable for those of 17 years and over who LIKE that sort of thing.

PLEASE NOTE: No matter what the rating, you MUST include warnings for character death, rape, BDSM, RPF and torture.


If you're caught breaching these guidelines, Einstein will come to your house and baffle you with his boundless logic. If that proves ineffective, Eddington will kill you with his brain. Because he can do that. We have science on our side!